End Times

What does the Bible say about the end Times?

Horses Racing for Revolution

The four Horsemen

We are facing a time of immense changes and revolutions. The coming revolutions are like race horses lining up a the starting gate. Many of these horses of revolution (if not most), want to run from the gate as riders of evil. There are many horses at the gate. People will will cheer these evil horses on as good. Many will place their bets on them and chide those who don’t. Many will rejoice when their horses win and when fortunes are made. But where is the horse and its rider for good? Has its rider been swallowed up in the frenzy? Are its supports sleeping? Do they have no vision and no desire to be in the race? Or are they staying at home to sleep, because they are saying we want nothing to do with an evil race? As ‘good’ as this rationalization sounds, we do need to…

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You are prophetic

That's Prophetic

Everyone is prophetic in everything that they do. Every word, thought and action has prophetic consequences. As an example, if you tell a child that he or she is stupid with enough force, it will change their life, their self perception, their confidence and their way of thinking forever.


The church should be Running to the light.

So many Christians think the solution is to fight the darkness by entering its realm. We see arguing, debating and demonstrating about the things of darkness. Although this seems to be good, it masks the real issue and the real cause.

Dust Clouds of Prophecy

The Prophetic Dust Storm

There is a widespread movement within churches to release people into a prophetic ministry. From my perspective, much of this is a spiritual dust storm. I have noticed that when God is about to do something significant on a global scale, the evil one will try to obscure the real work of God with a “dust storm” of deceptive similarities. This often comes with a mass outpouring of shallow-minded teachers who are fascinated with their new insight or “revelation.”

Jesus is coming soon!


One of the things I listen for is a common voice from people who are unrelated. The message that Jesus is coming soon and that the church is sleeping is becoming a very consistent and insistent common voice from all around the world. Theology aside, here is an example of a voice of warning to the church today. Just ServingGuy is an international speaker, visionary, author, mentor and trainer. He is the facilitator of The Church Today, the founder of, the and more.