Horses Racing for Revolution

We are facing a time of immense changes and revolutions.

The coming revolutions are like race horses lining up a the starting gate. Many of these horses of revolution (if not most), want to run from the gate as riders of evil. There are many horses at the gate.

People will will cheer these evil horses on as good. Many will place their bets on them and chide those who don’t. Many will rejoice when their horses win and when fortunes are made.

But where is the horse and its rider for good?

Has its rider been swallowed up in the frenzy? Are its supports sleeping? Do they have no vision and no desire to be in the race? Or are they staying at home to sleep, because they are saying we want nothing to do with an evil race?

As ‘good’ as this rationalization sounds, we do need to ask the question, “What will the outcome of the race be if the only horses participating are evil and those who are good are choosing to remain asleep?”

Guy Morrell-Stinson
That’s Prophetic

Guy is an international speaker, visionary, author, mentor and trainer. He is the facilitator of The Church Today, the founder of, the and more.

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