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The Church Today is for pastors who know that something fundamental is missing in their church. No matter how you look at it, the missing ingredient is always a sign of an underlying disconnect of our churches from The Church that Jesus Christ established. In other words, our spiritual frustrations and our malfunctioning in our churches is always a sign that we have become something Jesus never intended and never established.

This is a very hard truth to face because it places us uncomfortably close to the realization that this thing we have been calling “the church” or “our church” is not Jesus’ Church.  However, the good news is that facing this truth can be extremely liberating because when we embrace it, we can begin to get excited about the solution which we have always wanted. The truth is that we do want to be Jesus’ authentic Church. Why would we want to be anything else? Why would we choose to stay stuck in a man made system that we know is not what Jesus established? And why would we think that we can have peace in our souls and be right with God in our spirits when we know that we are pushing and promoting and keeping up systems and dogma and arguing and division that Jesus definitely was not a part of?

I would suggest to you that if you are truly honest about what God wants and what we need to do, there is only one answer, which is to go back to being The Church that Jesus established and nothing else.

So, if you are a pastor who has reached this point in your life, then we would love to walk with you. Please subscribe to gain access to posts written just for you in the “For Pastors” category. In addition, training courses are being prepared to help you be The Church that Jesus established.

May God bless you in Jesus Christ.

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