If you are Walking Away

The Prophesied Falling Away

The Apostle Paul prophesied that Jesus would not come again unless there was a great falling away first!

Jesus’ Church attracted millions of people. By contrast millions of people are walking away from their churches today and nobody seems to have a solid idea what to do to stop the exodus. I believe that the reason for this loss of clarity and the absence of effective solutions is because modern churches are missing the most fundamental points which include:

  1.  Jesus’ Church is about Jesus and His desires and His Kingdom. By contrast many of today’s churches have become about their church, their pastor, their ministry, their worship team, their records, their books, their multi-million dollar complexes, and so on.
  2. When we create a substitute for Jesus’ Church and then assume that our substitution is His church, we have set the stage for our own spiritual contraptions. To make matters worse, we then expect Jesus to bow down to our substitutions and then we expect Him to be perfectly OK when we have effectively told Him that we can do things better our way. Surely, this is spiritual insanity?
  3. All of the man made differences that we have used to ‘improve’ Jesus’ Church, have morphed “church” into something that Jesus never created or endorsed. Yet, we expect Jesus and God to be perfectly OK with what we have done! All of our cleverness and ego has resulted in the most fundamental and important problem of all which is that many churches have disconnected from the Heart of God. Anything that is not close to the Heart of God cannot be an authentic representation of God – and that is the problem.

When you are looking for authenticity

The Baby Boomer generation spent their growing years behind desks with teachers telling them to keep silent. They were taught to be submissive; take orders and never question the system or their teachers. When the Baby Boomers grew up, they did as they were told. They went to church and sat at the feet of new set of teachers – their pastors. They exchanged their desks for pews and that is where they have stayed ever since.

All of this has changed. The generations (I will refer to them as Millennials), following the Baby Boomers are not under orders. Millennials question authority. They question their pastors and their teachers. This does not mean that they are rebellious or that they do not want Jesus or His Church. It just means that if they are presented with a substitute or a fake version, they will see right through it and be disgusted by it. You may be one of the Millennials or Post Millennials. If so, you probably do not want a fake church or a misrepresentation of Jesus. You want what is real and authentic.


If these newer generations are forced to sit in pews with boring lectures (called sermons) year in and year out, the result is inevitable. They will begin to experience a deep sense of spiritual frustration. To be clear, this is not because they do not want the real and authentic  Jesus or His Church. What it does mean is that they are increasingly intolerant of churches that have disconnected from the Heart of God. They cannot stomach sitting in churches that are pretending to be connected to the Heart of God.

Authentic Church

Therefore, if you are looking for authenticity in your relationship with God and Jesus and His Church, and if you are frustrated to the point of walking away from your church, The Church Today is here for you. Please do not walk away from God or Jesus because people have been misrepresenting them to you. Jesus was so authentic that He literally gave His life for you. Jesus did not walk around manipulating people out of their money so that He could build corporations and megalithic churches so that He could live in luxurious mansions. Instead He gave everything for you, including His body and His life’s blood. This is the real Jesus. Yet, so much of what is presented to us today does not come even close to the real Jesus or what He established – because it is fundamentally not the same.

You know this in your spirit. They know this in their spirit. Yet, they are so locked into their culture, their comfort clubs, their peer-group pressure and their money that they cannot let go of what men have made and simply be a Christian who walks and talks in a direct and genuine relationship with the real Jesus.

So, if you are walking away…

Know that you are not alone. I started this website because I have been through the same frustration. I got to the point where I saw little to no alternative but to walk away. I was not walking away from God or Jesus. I did walk away from a false misrepresentation of them. In my case, I was spiritually sickened by the lack of Jesus’ light and God’s Heart in man made churches. As I struggled with this, I became aware that millions of people have also walked away from their churches for the same reasons. Their churches view them (and probably me too), as lost and as people who did not truly love God. I have come to realize that this is not true for many people who have walked away. Many have walked away because they love God enough to reject misrepresentations of Him. Many have walked away because they have made a commitment to keep looking for a real relationship with Him.

So If I am describing you, you are probably frustrated with church and hurt by church. You may be at a loss because church has no support for people who walk away from church. This is why I built this website – to reach out to you in order to encourage you to keep looking for the real Jesus because He is real. He never went away. He has always been there. He has always been waiting for His Church to walk His way.

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Stay connected. Courses are being prepared to show you how to simply be a Christian in a real world, in a real way. I think you will be amazed at how much God does have for you and how beautifully simple real Christianity can be.

May God bless you.

Guy is an international speaker, visionary, author, mentor and trainer. He is the facilitator of The Church Today, the founder of, the and more.

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  • Millenial 1

    November 1, 2017 at 6:15 pm Reply

    I am facing the challenges in this article. It is so hard to find a church that is focused on releasing people into their God called purpose. So glad I found this site. 🙂

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