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Jesus’ Church

Jesus’ Church started without all of the trappings and requirements of modern churches. People heard about Jesus. They came to Him and experienced Him. Then they simply got together wherever practical to share their experiences and insights and to encourage each other in their faith. They met in market places, along the road, in fields, in boats and from house to house. Sometimes they met in the temple complex. And that was it! Easy. Simple. Church was natural, organic, unforced and alive. Anyone can do it!

The Problem

The problem is that over time, churches have become increasingly complicated in terms of their requirements. In Jesus’ day, when people thought of church they probably thought of meeting in small organic groups with close friends – wherever they were. There were very few rules or regulations governing Jesus’ Church other than the desire to commune with Him and learn about Him with others. As more and more people came to Jesus, people felt the practical need to organize. This can be seen in the election of the first deacons to tend to the widows. However, The original Church that Jesus created was not about the organization or a building or a title or a ritual or a corporation. The early Church was all about each person’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ – and that relationship went wherever people went as they were led by the Holy Spirit. It was super simple, super easy and completely uncomplicated.

The problem is that over time, the focus began to shift away from Jesus to all of the add-ons so that the add-ons began to assume the identity of a ‘church.’  The add-ons started to become requirements and a way to measure who was a Christian and who was not. Over time, this has contributed to the massive amount of stone throwing and division that we see in churches today. This is exactly what Jesus did not want!

So, today we have churches made of many, many add-ons. These churches tell you in various ways that Christianity and church have to be complicated. In addition, they tell you that only a very few are illegible for ministry – and then – only if the few are prepared to spend years in a man-made institution to get a man-made certificate or degree at the cost of many hundreds to thousands of dollars. All of this is presented to us as if instructed by Jesus himself.

The Outcome

The outcome of all of this is that…

  1. Most Christians are left with the impression that ministry is something beyond them because it is too complicated and reserved for only a few – only if they have the appropriate man-made certificates and approval. So, most Christians end up sitting passively in pews, without realizing that they have been stripped of their ministries by well-meaning leaders promoting a man-made system that Jesus Christ never established.
  2. The Church as a whole has taken a massive hit to its true potential. Instead of being the head and not the tail, and instead of lending to the nations and not borrowing, most of today’s Christians sit passively in pews, cow towing to a world that is increasingly seeing Christianity as week and irrelevant.
  3. For anyone who is genuinely seeking the Lord and His true Church, this setup can only lead to spiritual frustration. This spiritual frustration has become so widespread that millions of people have stood up and walked away from their churches.

All of this is the result of men following man-made wisdom rather than trusting that Jesus really did know what He was doing when He built His Church.

Start a Church

So with the above in mind. Starting a Church is really easy and very simple. It starts with simply being a Christian and doing what Jesus wants you to do. Just start meeting with friends and people who want to learn more about Jesus and let the Holy Spirit guide you through each encounter. That’s it!

There is no need for mega-church buildings, million dollar budgets, corporations, formalities, rules, special qualifications, the extortion of money, and on and on and on. You are already qualified by God to be in ministry. You have already been gifted and endorsed by God. So what is stopping you?

Simply be a Christian and simply be Jesus’ Church – done His way.

It is simple. It is beautiful. It is relevant and it is elegant.

May God bless you.


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Questions and Answers

Q1: I would love to be part of Jesus’ Church in my community, but don’t know what to do or say if I get together with several people? Help!

A: You really do not need to worry at all. The Church today is preparing a very easy to follow format that is designed to let you ask a few questions about a given topic each week, and then let the rest of the group discuss it for themselves. They end up doing the work for you. The format starts by guiding people through a description of Jesus Church and then asks them if this is what they want to be a part of – without hype or pressure.  Simply subscribe to this site. The resources you need will be listed as soon as they become available.

Q2: What about the plan of salvation?

A: The ‘plan’ of salvation is an interesting subject, because it is often an ambiguous man made add-on that is very subtle in its effect. Man made plans of salvation tend to draw our attention away from what really matters. What really matters is to love God completely and then simply do as He says. That’s it. Again, nothing complicated. However, when we start making up ‘plans’ of salvation we are making a subtle shift in the direction of human wisdom and interpretation to something we can use a rule book to give us a ticket into heaven based on our limited understanding. This lays the foundation for a spirit of legalism and it is not long before such churches start acting like the Scribes and Pharisees with rules to judge by and stones in hand to condemn.

It is interesting to note that each denomination seems compelled to draw up its own version of the “plan” of salvation. Isn’t the Lord our God one God? Didn’t Paul the apostle plead with us to be of one mind and one judgment? Didn’t Jesus pray for unity? Yet, here we are with each church drawing up battle lines behind their plans of salvation! So, let’s keep it simple – just like Jesus did. Love the Lord your God with your whole being. Obey all He tells you to do. Let the Holy Spirit guide you through God’s Word to do what you need to do when it is the right time for you to do it. And that is it.

Q3: I love the church that I attend. Does this mean that I must leave them?

A: Not at all. Simply follow Jesus wherever He leads. This does not mean that modern churches do not have Christians in them. Jesus is perfectly capable of leading His Church into and out of a church building, a denomination or any other man-made facility at any time. We are not here to tear down modern churches, because many do very good works and many do offer valuable support for literally millions of people. The point that The Church Today stands on is that it would be better to do things Jesus’ way rather than man’s way. How all of this will all pan out on Judgment Day is up to God alone and not for us to judge. We, at The Church Today simply want to be what Jesus created and what He wants His Church to be.

As such, we want to trust His methods rather than man’s. That’s all.

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