Worship our way

Worship God His Way

At first, when we decide to improve on Jesus’ way and do things our way it seems to work. People love the fresh new innovation and it may even become a viral trend. However, every time we replace or try to improve on Jesus’ way we always create an inferior outcome. This is typically not noticed at the time of change, but it becomes clear to the discerning over time.


The church should be Running to the light.

So many Christians think the solution is to fight the darkness by entering its realm. We see arguing, debating and demonstrating about the things of darkness. Although this seems to be good, it masks the real issue and the real cause.

Testing the Prophets

What kind of prophets are you following?

Prophets come as instruments of judgement; not just because of what they say – but also because of who you choose to follow. You are called to follow God alone. If you choose to follow a prophet who is narrow-visioned and shallow in his or her fluffy feel good messages, have you chosen to follow God?

Dust Clouds of Prophecy

The Prophetic Dust Storm

There is a widespread movement within churches to release people into a prophetic ministry. From my perspective, much of this is a spiritual dust storm. I have noticed that when God is about to do something significant on a global scale, the evil one will try to obscure the real work of God with a “dust storm” of deceptive similarities. This often comes with a mass outpouring of shallow-minded teachers who are fascinated with their new insight or “revelation.”

FeaturedThis is for you if …

Walking Away from church? This is for you

The Church Today is for you if you are one of the following: (1.) A pastors who wants to lead your church back to Jesus’ Church. (2.) You are either thinking about Walking Away from your church – or you have Walked Away from church, but not from Jesus. (3.) You want to serve in ministry by starting a church Jesus’ Way.

FeaturedIf you are Walking Away

Walking away from churches

The Apostle Paul prophesied that Jesus would not come again unless there was a great falling away first. Jesus’ Church attracted millions of people. By contrast millions of people are walking away from their churches and nobody seems to have a solid idea what to do about it. I believe that the reason for this loss of clarity and absence of really effective solutions is because modern churches are missing the obvious…

FeaturedIf you want to Start a Church

Start a Church Today

Jesus’ Church started without all of the trappings and requirements of modern churches. People heard about Jesus. They came to Him and experienced Him. Then they simply got together wherever practical to share their experiences and insights and to encourage each other in their faith. They met in market places, along the road, in fields, in boats and from house to house.

FeaturedIf you are a pastor…

The Church Today for Pastors

The Church Today is for pastors who know that something fundamental is missing in their church. No matter how you look at it, the missing ingredient is always a sign of a fundamental disconnect from The Church that Jesus Christ established. In other words, spiritual frustration in our churches is always a sign that we have become something Jesus never intended or established.