Stuck in a hole

When we look at the world what do we see? A man in a deep hole will see darkness unless he will make the effort to look up.

As he looks into the darkness, the gloom will shape his perception so that he will come to believe that the world is dark and that people are without light. He lives in darkness he begins to spend his energy in condemning the darkness in people and the evil of the world. Much of his energy is spent peering into the dark which becomes his preoccupation. He starts to believe in dark causes and walk in step with those who also think, see and do in the dark. Time slips away. Energy is wasted and opportunities are lost. In all of this, he tells himself, “My cause is right and true. I am not like those dark people over there. My light is brighter than theirs. I must set others straight!”

The fundamental flaw

Lost in a HoleThe fundamental flaw in all of this is that such people do not realize that their own positioning of their own mind is their own hole, created by their own self.

The solution is never to look into darkness or to specialize in being its critic. It is only when we get out of our own hole that we begin to understand that the world is far more than we have allowed ourselves to see and understand. There is darkness in the world. But, there is also much light and the beauty that is God given as a free gift for every person. We can choose to be like rabbits and dig our hole deeper and darker. Or we can stop our insanity in order to face the fact that we mold our own perception by the holes that we dig for ourselves.

Yes, evil will always exist as much as day is followed by night. However, our choice is to live by the day or slowly die by night. Our moment to moment choice is to be in the light or to wallow in the darkness. There is a reason why we have been created to sleep through the darkness of the night, rather than lie awake, consuming its shadows.

There is a reason why we are commanded to love one another and walk in the light. Doing so, changes our position. It fills up the holes of our minds so that we can begin to see the good in life, the Grace of God and His incredible mercy. It changes us from being people who condemn, point fingers and scold others to someone who cares for the wounded, heals the broken hearted and says to the fallen, “Look up! See, there is the light. Take my hand, I will lead you there!”

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