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Leaders Worldwide is a training program for mission workers who want to teach their people the power of business as a ministry to eradicate poverty.

This program is offered free on condition that:

  1. You teach each lesson to your community. This will help you grow your knowledge as you train leaders to help their communities.
  2. You will give feedback by commenting on each lesson.
  3. In addition, all of our material is to remain as is and unedited. You may not sell any part. You may not use any part outside of the community training described above, subject to Leaders Worldwide Terms and conditions.

Failure to meet these basic requirements may result in your subscription being cancelled.

Please note that you will only approved if you are personally known to us and if you have made arrangements to be included in the Leaders Worldwide program.

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We don’t like spam either and will only send you messages that are part of your subscription or your account. 🙂