The Deadly Power of Emotions

The words we speak have the power to set people free or put them in bondage. A parent calling a child “Stupid!” or “You are no good!” injures the child’s self-perception and negatively shapes and damages their future.
What is equally true, but less recognized is the same is principles apply to our emotional dialogue. In particular, our bitterness and unforgiveness. All people die, but no one deserves to die emotionally or spiritually because we are killing their souls with our anger or unforgiveness.
The impact of what we do, feel and think is often chained to the emotional bodies of those who are approaching their last days. They drag into the hallways of death burdened by their own guilt. As if that is enough, they are weighed down by a mass of darkness placed upon them by others who want to demand, even of God, that they receive punishment for their wrong doing.
I do believe in a day of final accounting and judgment. In that day, do we want to discover that others are in torment, because of a debt owed to us? What if not releasing others from the debt we think they owe us, places us in a torment of our own?
This is just me processing this subject. The conclusion that I have come to is that we need to let all people go free of all our demands and expectations, because in some strange way, we can never be fully free or healed or whole until we let others go free to be healed and be whole – no matter what they owe us.
“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” – Matthew 16:26.
Guy Morrell-Stinson
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