The Only Voice You Need To Hear

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How satan uses prophetic voices to deceive us

One of the ways satan deceives us is by raising the volume and level of noise in the room. Think of it this way. We go to a meeting to listen to a famous speaker. When we get there hundreds of people are socializing. Their chatter fills the room with a clatter of noise in which you can only really listen to the voice in front of you. But… that is not the voice you came to hear. If you turn to the right or the left, there will be another voice, then another and so on. None of these are the voice you came to hear.

Then at last, the lights dim and everyone falls silent. The spot light comes on to highlight one man on the stage and it is his voice alone that you came to hear.

So too, with our Lord’s voice.

The prophetic room is filled with many voice saying many things. This creates a spiritual cacophony in which the single voice that we need to hear and listen to is drowned out. In listening to each other, and in being quick to have our say, we need to be careful that we are not silencing the Lord’s voice.

His voice is the only voice that we need to hear.

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