This is for you if …

The Church Today is for you if:

  1. You want to lead your church to a higher level of passion and achievement.
  2. You want to unlock your God-given potential, power and influence in the church and in your life.
  3. You want to be an effective in touching lives, building relationships and strengthening your family.

The Premise

We believe that the church of today is functioning at a minute fraction of its true potential.  As such, The Church Today’s mission is to help Christians and churches unlock  their true God-given potential to be remarkable gifted leaders in all walks of life.

Why this is important

It should be clear to any observer that our nations are trapped in a downward spiral. The trends and indicators are everywhere. These range from the accelerating extinction of species, the mass beaching of dolphins and whales, the mass die offs of bees and insect life, to economic chaos and political insanity which is mirrored by escalating crime, violence, hatred and the growing threat of all out nuclear war. Hurricane Harvey flooded South Texas with an 800-year deluge. Subsequent hurricanes smashed the Caribbean. California is raging with wildfires. And then there are close to a billion people who do not know if the will have a meal today.  In all of this, the church can remain irrelevant and asleep, or rise to its calling to be effective leaders and problem solvers that the world turns to when it has run out of its limited wisdom and resources.

The Frustration

If you are one of the millions of people who are feeling at some level that today’s churches are not what Jesus established, you will grow increasingly frustrated. This is a form of spiritual frustration that comes from recognizing that you do want to follow the real Jesus. However, something in you is recognizing that much of the modern  “church” is not what Jesus established. As such you will begin to run into a spiritual wall because you will want something that many modern churches can’t give you. This missing something is an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. How can a church give you an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ when it has become something He never established in the first place?  (If you are fortunate to be in a church that is truly connected to Jesus Christ, you will not have this experience. However, if you are hungry for Jesus’ Church, but find yourself in a man made church, you will inevitably begin to experience spiritual frustration.)

The Outcast

If your spiritual frustration is left to grow, you will inevitably come to a point where you need to make a decision to either stay or walk away. Both are uncomfortable and hard to make. The problem with this kind of setup is that people who walk away because they are looking for an authentic church in an authentic relationship with God, are easily misunderstood by the churches they are leaving behind. This leaves them feeling like outcasts. The truth may be that they are willing to pay the price to find the real Jesus – even if it means walking away from a church they love, because it has drifted away from The Church that Jesus established. If this describes you, either as a pastor or a member, The Church Today is for you.

The Church Today

If you are happy in your church, we are happy for you and will support your good work and walk with the Lord. However, if you are frustrated with your church playing games with God and not taking His will and desires seriously, then The Church Today may be for you.

This applies equally to pastors. I have spoken to many pastors who agree 100% with everything I stand for. Yet, they are often locked into a man made culture and the system of their church. They perceive that changing their church culture and system is too big a mountain for them to climb. As such, they don’t come to the table. It is easier to stay stuck in a nice comfortable church that is slowly dying, than to come to the table to face the fact that Jesus Church is not a dying Church.

If you are a pastor in a dying church, you will know in your inner being, that things are wrong. I have spoken to many pastors who will freely admit that their church is not anywhere near where it should be. Yet, they will not come to the table to find corrective solutions with the aim of returning to The Church that Jesus established. The point that I am making is that there are solutions and there is God’s great grace to help us get there. However, the choice is ours to make. We can stay where we are and keep promoting man made churches man’s way or to face the truth and return to Jesus’ Church done Jesus’ way.

If you want to be Jesus’ Church done Jesus’ way, then The Church Today is for you and we are here to support you.

May God bless you.

The Church Today.

Guy is an international speaker, visionary, author, mentor and trainer. He is the facilitator of The Church Today, the founder of, the and more.

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