Jesus’ Way or my way?

Welcome to the category “For Pastors.” This category is specifically for church leaders who are committed to leading their church back to Jesus’ Church.

Please note that many  posts are based on the knowledge and insights of previous posts. This means that you should first read the posts listed below in the order given. If you don’t do this, the chances of you misunderstanding the message in other posts is almost inevitable.

Who is this for?

This section is specifically for church leaders who want to return their church to Jesus’ Church. In other words, there first needs to be the recognition and acceptance of the fact that today’s churches are not the same as Jesus’ Church before these articles will be of any value to you.  Without this recognition, there is no point in continuing this journey together. Most pastors that I have met are not willing to come anywhere near this consideration because they have too much personal investment in the system that has been passed down to them by well-meaning mentors and predecessors. Admitting that what we have received from men may not be what Jesus’ created is a huge step.The difficulty of facing the fact that we may have received a man made system that is not what Jesus created, is directly related to the degree that we are personally invested in our man made system. In other words, if we like the way man has made things, we are going to have a hard time admitting that we are serving man rather than Jesus and as such we are going to have a hard time letting go of our personal investment in our man made systems that we have come to call “church.”

Some of the areas of personal investment include …

  • Their position
  • Their prestige and social standing
  • Their salary
  • Their favor with peers (their “brotherhood”)
  • Their egos, pride and branding
  • Their wealth
  • Their corporations, buildings and assets
  • Their theology
  • Their forms
  • Their system
  • Their pulpit
  • Their fear and so on….

None of these equate to spiritual worth or eternal value of any kind in front of God. In fact Jesus did not endorse any of these and that is that is the bed rock of the problem of today’s dying churches. As soon as we admit that we have been building and promoting a system that Jesus never established, never endorsed and never commanded our whole system that we call church falls down like a house of cards blown in the wind. In that moment of admission, we begin to realize that everything we have been calling church is very likely nothing more than a spiritual fraud, because it is something fake claiming to be the genuine thing. This is a terrifying prospect for any spiritual leader to face, because it challenges us at the very deepest parts of our beings, our values, our desires, our efforts and our fears. I know this because I have been there. This is so terrifying that I have have found that less than 1% of pastors have it within them to face these issues in order to push through and become The Church that Jesus established. The other 99% that I have encountered have all run for the hills, with every one of them choosing to stay in their man made system that they call “church,” rather than making the choice to face the facts and return to Jesus Church done Jesus’ way.

My motive

I write these things with great sadness because I do not want a ministry against pastors and spiritual leaders –  because I am for them. I want to see pastors and spiritual leaders lifted up into places of highest honor. However, in order to do that we have to first lift Jesus and His Church up into the highest place of honor and hand the courage and back bone to admit when we have built something to replace Him and His Church. No, our systems are not better than His systems. Our methods are not superior to His methods. Our intelligence is not greater than Jesus’ intelligence. Our understanding of the soul and nature of man is not higher tha Jesus’ understanding of the very one’s He created. Yet, here we are today building “churches” in ways that are completely foreign to Jesus’ Church. We have created something that is vastly different from His Church and yet we have the audacity to promote the idea that we are followers of Jesus!

Then we wonder why millions of people are walking away from our “churches” and why pastors seem to have no real solution for this problem other than to try to be politically correct,  seeker friendly and more and more compromised towards the world. So, instead of repenting and turning back to Jesus and His Church, the modern church seems to be committed to rushing headlong in the opposite direction down a road of its own making. This is spiritual insanity. so, my motive is to love you enough to warn you of this and to reach out to you to help you face these things and return to Jesus’ Church done Jesus’ way.

Taking the plunge

So with the above in mind, if you are the 1% who love the truth enough to face these issues so that we can return to The Church that Jesus established and nothing else, this is for you. I welcome you to take the plunge and walk with me. I will do the best I can to support and serve you. If you are one of the 1%, you will find that what I write is food for your soul and a light on your way, because you will see that it is true to the Heart of God. If you are truly in love with the Heart of God then this is what you want – to truly be Jesus’ Church his way and not man’s way.

However, if you are not one of the 1%, what I write will probably offend you very deeply. It will probably make you very defensive and you will probably be filled with the desire to write nasty blogs about me and make sure that the doors to the brotherhood are closed against me. I know that I am a voice in the wilderness who is crying out “Follow the Lord. Stop following men!” If this is offensive to you, then The Church  Today is not for you. Please go to your prayer closet and ask God to reveal to you the real reason for your offense. Jesus (not me) said The Truth will set you / us free. May God set us all free.

Please read the following posts first and in order.

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