You are prophetic

When you think of Bible prophecy, what comes to mind? Scary images? Nuclear war? Holocaust? Pointing fingers at people and saying “Thus says the Lord!” from the top of a high rock?

I am becoming aware that prophecy is far, far more than that. In fact, I would say that the above is probably only a fraction of the bigger picture. Yet, it is the small fraction that captures the attention and it is what most people run after.

A Glimpse

Here is a glimpse of the bigger picture…

Everyone is prophetic in everything that they do. Every word, thought and action has prophetic consequences. As an example, if you tell a child that he or she is stupid with enough force, it will change their life, their self perception, their confidence and their way of thinking forever. It is the simple principle of cause and effect.

When we couple this simple principle with awareness, discernment and wisdom, we can literally move mountains and shift nations in a new direction with a few well timed and well placed words.

  • If you can understand this, you can begin to appreciate the amazing power we all have to be an incredible people doing incredible things on this earth.
  • If you can begin to understand this, you will begin to realize that we all have a prophetic role to play. It is a role in which the prophetic steps out of the realm of fantasy and fascination into the realm of practical value this real and practical world.

How is your life impacting the future?

What foundations are your words laying for tomorrow? What impact will your thoughts and actions today have on the many lives around you tomorrow?

You are a prophetic being. You cannot escape this fact. This makes us very accountable for everything we do, say and think.

May God bless you.

Guy Morrell-Stinson
Authentic Bible Prophecy for Today

Guy is an international speaker, visionary, author, mentor and trainer. He is the facilitator of The Church Today, the founder of, the and more.

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