"Church becomes real when we stop chasing men's ideas and listen carefully to the Heart of God."
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

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Walking Away!

Millions are walking away from their churches. Churches naturally assume that they are lost. As such they do not recognize that these people may be following the Holy Spirit. If you are genuinely looking for a relationship with God in a church that is disconnected from God, you will become increasingly frustrated until you have to walk away. This does not mean that you love God or Jesus any less - just that you want what is true.


A New Kind of Church

A side by side comparison of Jesus' Church and today's churches will reveal that they are different. Jesus did not call for corporations, multi-million dollar complexes, meaningless rituals, a ruling priest class and passive pew-warming christians stripped of their ministries. Jesus Church is powerful, passionate, very dynamic and hidden from those who can't discern the difference.


Unlock Your Ministry

Jesus' Church released everyone into ministry. God has gifted you for ministry. Unfortunately, you will probably be bound by many manmade hoops, meaningless forms and regulations that Jesus never required of His Church. In a sense, the ministry arena has been cornered and you have probably been excluded. You cannot thrive spiritually when you know in your spirit that your God-given ministry is suffocating. It's time to live again.


A New Kind of Church

Imagine a Church with no bells and whistles. No multi-million dollar buildings. No cajoling for money. No corporations, boards or paid staff. No hype. No passive Christianity. Everyone active. Everyone free to follow God and everyone operating in their God-given gifting and everyone released into their God-given ministry.

Sounds a lot like Jesus' Church - doesn't it!

This is what we stand for - Jesus' Church done Jesus' way. Jesus Church met in fields, in the market place, in boats and house to house. It was dynamic, powerful and passionate. We know this. We also know that many of today's churches are not this. This is why many are walking away from modern churches. They are not finding Jesus or Jesus' Church there. This does not mean that they do not want the real Jesus or that they are rejecting church. It is just that they don't want to play church or have a pretend Jesus. They are hungry for a real walk with God. They want an authentic relationship with Jesus. They want to experience His gifting in their rightful place and calling.

Welcome back to Jesus' Church. Jesus' Church is not a building, a formula, a ritual or a social comfort club. It is a kingdom not made with hands. It is the kingdom of heaven within you - dynamic, breathing and alive. Be His Church.


Unlock Your Ministry

Jesus released everyone into ministry. Look at Philip. He met Jesus and then within minutes ran out to find Nathaniel. Philip found Nathaniel and said to him,

"We have found Him who Moses and the Prophets wrote about: Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."

Nathaniel responded "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?"

Philip said unto him, "Come and see."

That was it! No degree. No hoops or special qualifications. No four-years-in-college. All that it took was for Phillip to invite Nathaniel to meet the real Jesus and let Jesus take over from there. Our modern church system has complicated the gospel beyond belief - while excluding almost all christians from their God-given ministries.

Consider the woman at the well. Jesus met her and she brought a village to meet Jesus within hours! No academics. No manmade ordination. No degree on the wall. Just simple passion and faith in action.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to unlock your own ministry in a surprisingly simple and beautiful way.

How to get involved

The mission of The Church Today is to help Christians release their God-given calling.

Unlike most churches, we do not see ministry as something that is reserved for the pulpit minister alone. We understand that every aspect of life can be a touch of heaven - if you are available to heaven to use you in your natural God-given gifting. The principles of God-inspired success are for a very real, practical and dynamic world. If you truly understand this you will begin to live out Deuteronomy 28 which promises that "You will be the head and not the tail... always above and never below..." and that "you will lend to the nations and not borrow."

Please be clear that this is not a prosperity gospel, because the focus is on what God wants for His kingdom and not personal greed for personal wealth. When we seek God's heart and apply His wisdom, the rest takes care of itself. In keeping with these values, The Church Today has no bank account, no assets, not staff and no corporations. We do not accept donations and we do not ask for tithes, because we want you to be led by the Spirit and give to the needs in your community as a part of your ministry.

If this appeals to your spirit as the right way to be a Church, please do the following:

1. Complete the subscribe form above.
2. Join us on Facebook for discussions there.
3. You will be invited to be an active ministry partner in your community. Appropriate training is being prepared.