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21-Day International Call to Pray

Join as as we call our nation and the world to pray about the most pressing issues facing us today.

March 10 - 31 2020

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." - 2 Chronicles 7:14(NIV)

We have a choice to believe in fear or in the one who can deliver us from fear and heal our land. His instruction is to be strong and courageous and not to fear. His promise is that if we will humble ourselves and pray..., He will hear us and He will respond with healing. Join our daily inspirational message and call to prayer.

March 10 - 31 2020

The Church Today

Jesus' Church. Jesus' Way.

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Jesus called everyone into ministry

... and this includes you ...

Jesus knew what He was doing when He created His Church His Way. Over the generations, we have added a little here, subtracted there, tweeked and modified to our heart's content. The only problem with this is that the modern church has become increasingly ineffective, disconnected and irrelevant to the world around us. Whereas Jesus promised that His Church would never pass away and that it would stand against the very gates of hell, we see headlines of churches falling, scandalized, thrown to the wolves and closing down. In many cases, the modern church invents (and then chases), one fad after another in an attempt to be attractive. This has the effect of taking us even further away from being Jesus' Church, His Way. This is disturbing to many, and they are walking away.

... Return to Jesus' Church, Jesus' Way ...

When we return to Jesus Church, Jesus Way - we discover that His Church is simple in its design and extremely attractive. It is powerful, practical and amazingly relevant to the real world today. It is a Church that releases everyone's God-given calling for their life so that every member is in ministry.

Pastors & Leaders Training

Equipped to serve Jesus' Church, Jesus Way.

What you can expect to learn.

The Simple and Profound Truth of Leading Jesus' Church, Jesus' Way.

It has become very clear to us that pastors and leaders lack proper training for this time. This can be seen by every failure, closure and scandalous headline. We can see it in the mass migration away from church, and in the inability to give the Millennials sufficient substance to stand on their faith ... and much more. Times have changed. Training and strategies that worlked successfully in the past, fail today.

The problem does not lie in Jesus, or His Church built His Way. It lies in the slow drift away from what He established into a substituted world of our own additions, substitutions and deviations. So, our training takes you back to the simplicity of His Church, His Way. We will also teach you several vitally important principles of discernment so that you can understand why modern strategies will all invariably fail and why they will all become increasingly ineffective. You will also learn how to easily and effectively activate and mobilize every member into ministry, Jesus' Way so that you can witness the power and relevance of Jesus' Church first hand.

If you are interested, join our online community and private message (PM) admin so that we can set up an online meeting to discuss this with you.

A Church Full of Heaven's Power

Every person is gifted, by God to serve effectively in this world.

God has given each person a unique set of skills and abilities. The parrable of the Talents tells us that God expects a return on the 'talents' He has given to each one of us.

This means that every person comes pre-gifted by God, pre-endorsed by God and called by God to walk in the fullness of their gifting and ministry. Much of this has been lost to the modern church. In Jesus' Church, everyone was released to use their gifting to their fullest potential, to serve others and build God's Kingdom. The result was a Church that was dynamic, passionate and highly relevant. You should be part of His Church too. You are called to produce much 'fruit.' This becomes both natural and easy when you learn the simplicity of being Jesus' Church, His Way.

Daily Verse

"For we do not market the word of God for profit like so many. On the contrary, we speak with sincerity in Christ, as from God and before God."

- 2 corinthians 2:7 (CSB)

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